Home Interior Painting Ideas to Make Your Home Look Different

Home interior painting ideas can be a unique and real beauty in your home. Through an image, you can be invited to go around and get to know something in it. In addition to ordinary paintings, you can actually display frames with motivational words to get you excited every morning.

You can add this painting to match the interior design of your home. Know how to choose a painting for your home well. When you choose a home interior painting idea that is right on target, this makes the space in your home look different and different than usual.

Home Interior Painting Ideas For You

1. Landscape Painting

Landscape paintings are very common, you can find them in almost every home. It has very classic and calming properties. Most of the landscape paintings are paintings depicting mountains with various natural settings. Apart from that, there are also paintings of flowing rivers or lush agricultural paintings. A rustic or rural style house is suitable for displaying landscape paintings in the living room or family room.

2. Home Interior Painting Ideas : Calligraphy Painting

For those of you who want to display Islamic nuances at home, home interior painting ideas calligraphy style can be the right choice. You can display various kinds of calligraphy on the living room wall, staircase wall or your bedroom wall. All you have to do is choose the calligraphy painting you want, whether you like square or rectangular framed calligraphy paintings.

3. Abstract Painting

Apart from landscape paintings, abstract paintings are the second choice of painting that many householders are interested in. This painting adds to the aesthetic style of your living room. Later, the attention of guests who enter will be focused on your abstract painting.

When you choose an abstract painting, it’s a good idea to combine the color with the interior color of your home or the interior style of your home. By having a matching color, it makes the decoration of the painting more connected with the interior of the house. Don’t let your home decor ruin your home’s interior design. Even though it looks trivial, the presence of this abstract painting helps make your living room come alive.

4. Traditional House Picture Painting

Learn civilization through this one home interior painting idea. Yes, painting pictures of traditional houses symbolize rustic or rural style houses. With pictures of traditional houses, you can feel unique even if you just stare at them in your living room.

5. Simple Wall Painting

Some simple home interior painting ideas were chosen to give an aesthetic feel to your home. Especially in a minimalist home. Simple home interior painting ideas that you can apply to your home, including plant paintings, give a natural, clean and green impression even if they are only present in a frame. It is recommended to choose plain plant paintings with not too many colors so they don’t look crowded. So that the attention of the plant painting is not obscured by other decorations, you should place it in a position that is exposed to light.

6. Home Interior Painting Ideas : Animal Painting

Apart from painting plants, presenting home interior painting ideas in the form of pictures of animals is no less interesting. You can choose pictures of animals according to their classification. Do you like cute animal pictures, like cats and dogs. Do you like pictures of wild animals, such as tigers and lions. Or do you like beautiful colored animals, like peacocks.

7. City Appearance Painting

The city view painting shows a row of tall skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of the city. Offering artistic images, you and your guests will be taken to the imagination of a bustling urban tour.

8. Charming Flower Painting

For a modern or shabby chic style home, the presence of flowers is an attractive decoration. Even though it is in the house, its presence blends with the interior of the house. Unfortunately, the presence of flowers in vases requires daily care so they don’t wither. If it wilts, the appearance of flowers can even damage the interior design of your home. Therefore, the best solution to avoid complicated maintenance is to display charming flower paintings. You can place this flower painting in the kitchen area so that your kitchen is not monotonously busy just cooking.

Tips for Displaying Home Interior Painting Ideas

As explained above, choosing the right painting helps the beauty and aesthetics of the house. At first glance it seems difficult and annoying to think about, combine and then buy it. However, the results will not betray the effort. When you try your best, captivating results will also appear.

Choosing Home Interior Painting Ideas Based on Size

This size becomes a reference for where you place your painting. Whether you put it on the wall or on the desk. Size is also affected by how many paintings you will place in a room. If you want to put several paintings in the room, it’s a good idea to start with small pieces of the painting so that the room doesn’t look boring.

Choosing Painting Ideas Based on Color

The second tip for choosing a painting is to combine its color with the paint color of your home interior. For example, if your home is modern minimalist, then it’s a good idea to choose abstract paintings in bright colors, such as blue, orange and green. Combining these abstract colors makes your interior brighter.

Choosing Painting Ideas Based on Interior Style

Finally, you can capitalize on combining the interior of the house with decorative paintings. If you choose a rustic home interior, painting a traditional house or river can be the right choice.

Apart from choosing the various paintings above, there are many more paintings that you can choose to decorate the interior of your home. The most important thing is not to be random in placing your home interior painting anywhere. By knowing the tips for choosing a house painting, you can feel a big positive impact. Even this positive impact is not only felt by you and your family, but also felt by guests who enter your home.