Today’s Choice of Modern Craftsman Home Interior

Modern Craftsman Home Interior is breaking new ground. You need to know that a craftsman’s house is not always boring and looks old-fashioned. With this modern era, the appearance of the craftsman’s house has also become a modern home today.

When you hear the craftsman’s house, of course your image will float on ancient buildings, lots of carvings and various statues on display. It has brown undertones and is very long lasting. However, in fact everything is not as imagined.

Craftsman Home Interior Facts

Has an Open Feature

Arts and crafts have existed since the 19th century. The interior of the craftsman’s house is characterized by being wide and open, with gabled roofs and buttresses. If you enter through the countryside, you will find a house with a large and very wide yard. Although this house is wide, usually only a few people live in this house.

This open feature is in other words an open space layout, where you can find the living room which is directly connected to the dining room. This style makes it easy for homeowners to move freely anywhere.

Natural Material Touch

Craftsman house interior and exterior made of stucco, stone, and wood, your craftsman house is here to the fullest. These natural materials give the impression of comfort and safety. In addition, the use of natural materials for craftsmen’s homes also emphasizes the value of function where almost every piece of furniture has a function and meaning.

Some of the natural furnishings in the interior of the craftsman’s house include wooden shelves, wooden seats, wooden cupboards and wicker decorations.

Carved Door for Craftsman Home Interior

Craftsmen are synonymous with crafts, including carving crafts. One of the carvings that can be found is carved doors. This carved door is one of the elements in the craftsman’s house. This carved door can be in the interior or exterior of the house. With this carved door, apart from being an entrance, the carved door also adds to the aesthetics of the interior of the craftsman’s house.

Modern Craftsman Home Interior

Modernization is okay as long as it doesn’t change all of its unique original appearance. Although later it will appear in a modern version, the craftsman’s house remains its trademark. For example, fireplaces, wooden beams or natural colors.

Present Lounge

The lounge seems to be ordinary, even the front porch of the house can also be a lounge. However, this modern version needs to present a relaxing space in the house. Just a small room or one corner in your house. The important thing is this lounge is facing the window and there is a long chair to sit.

Addition of Shutters

In every home, windows must be present. In the interior of this natural craftsman’s house, usually the window is easy to open immediately and is only accompanied by a slot when you close it. In the modern version, you need to add shutters to make it more unique. Shutters also make it easier for you to open and close windows.

Add Carpet Decoration To Craftsman Home Interior

A touch of decoration for the craftsman’s home interior is presenting carpets. Choosing classic motifs is not a problem. You can place it in the living room as a sitting area together, the bedroom which is located under the bed or in the family room.

Multifunctional Modern Cupboard

Replace your old wardrobe with a multifunctional modern wardrobe. Having a clean style of smooth iron or wood, these cabinets can serve many functions. This cupboard can be used as a place to store small items so they are not scattered, books and also as a barrier between the living room and dining room. With a partition like this it is as if there is no permanent partition like a wall. But the result is still good and aesthetic.

Granite Countertop in the Kitchen Area

It’s time for you to add some granite materials in your kitchen. This granite material can be a table material where you slice onions and other food ingredients. Even this granite material is also stronger when you smooth the material with a mortar. Unfortunately, don’t forget to take care of this granite table after you cook.

Steel Material Kitchen Equipment Set

Combine your home kitchen equipment materials with steel materials. For example steel spatula, steel strainer and steel ladle. What is usually a craftsman’s house full of wooden utensils, the modern version offers you to bring steel in the kitchen. The advantage of this steel material is that it is anti-rust, so you don’t need to worry about combining your materials. Don’t forget to also attach a hanger for cooking utensils so you can easily find them while cooking or so they don’t get lost easily.

Modern Bathroom Look

If the craftsman’s bathroom looks warm with brown or natural colors, now the modern version only needs to add steel as well. This iron, steel or metal material can be used as your bath tub material, shower, curtain hanger and towel hanger. In addition, cover the edges of your glass with iron or wood so that the bathroom glass doesn’t just look monotonous. The combination of the appearance of this mixed bathroom can be unique. But don’t just put natural wood and modern iron. You also need to pay attention to the composition so that your bathroom is not messy or full of decorations.

If you are curious about craftsman style homes, you can visit from the East Coast to California. In this place the artisan style house is still popular and maintained. After that, you can add some of the changes above as a reference for creating a modern model for the craftsman home interior. Actually, the difference between the traditional and modern versions is in the materials used, the existing decorations, and the furniture. No need to replace everything, just add iron, steel, metal in the interior of the craftsman’s house. Apart from that, he has also developed several multifunctional furniture to save space at home, such as a modern multifunctional cupboard.