Create an Anti-Distraction Home Office Interior Design

When Covid-19 hit, WFH (Work From Home) jobs were increasingly being used by several companies. Fixed work according to the specified time as in the office and with the same job. For this reason, it is important for you or other workers to create a comfortable and anti-distraction home office. Home office interior design ideas might be able to help you overcome this.

Home office interior design ideas are not trivial. In fact, the atmosphere of working in the office and at home is very different. Distractions can come at any time while you are working at home. As a result, this has an effect on your unfinished work and actually makes you stressed.

Where is the Most Appropriate Location For Home Office Home Design?

When you want to find the most appropriate location to be a home office, you need to ensure a room or space in your home that can encourage your creativity, concentration, mood and happiness. Avoid crowded locations, such as close to the living room, family room and kitchen.

Location or home office space does not require a very wide space. The most important thing is to make you comfortable and fit to place your office items. The most annoying thing is when you have trouble finding your important documents for hours. Therefore, after choosing a location, setting up a home office space is very necessary.

Home Office Interior Design Tips

In a home office, you don’t really need a lot of furniture. All you have to do is organize the items and furniture you need. Maybe just need a table, chairs and a storage cupboard for your documents.

Comfortable Work Desk

The important thing that you should not leave is the table. The desk as a place for you to do all your office tasks. You don’t need a very long or wide table. Only adjust to the size of the medium table. Approximately enough to put a laptop and files next to the laptop.

After you get a table according to your needs, it’s time for you to start laying out the items on your table. Make sure you put your laptop in the same corner or place on the table every day. At the front end of the table to the right, you can put a ballpoint pen in various shapes. Either square or round shape. Immediately you provide various colors of ballpoint pens so that your pens will only be in the home office. Placing a flower vase in one corner of the table is also a good idea.

Chair Sit Accompany The Table

When you have a table, of course you also need a chair. Choose an office chair that can rotate to make it easier for you to move around when you want to take something but still while sitting. Make sure your chair also has a backrest so you can immediately lie back on the chair when you unwind for a moment after staring at an old laptop screen.

If you want a chair model that is quiet without being able to rotate, that’s fine too. Sometimes everyone’s tastes are different. The main thing is your comfort when sitting.

Sitting Chair or Sofa

Apart from thinking about a chair for you to sit on, you also need to put a mini chair or sofa in your home office. This second chair or sofa works if you are discussing with other people. When discussing by sitting, both will be comfortable and ideas can flow faster. Apart from other people, the sofa is also a place for you to lie down between deadlines, because if you move to the bedroom, you can be more or less certain that you will feel lazy to return to the home office.

Home Office Interior Design Color Palette Choice

Another home office interior design element is the color palette or wall paint. Some colors match the interior of your workspace and unfortunately some don’t. For example black. When you play black in your home office, it will give an elegant impression and not distract you while working. In addition, sea blue, purple or wood brown is also okay. Choose your anti-stress colors. Avoid bold colors that will distract you while working, such as red and orange.

Sufficient Light

Just imagine if you work in a very closed room with little lighting, this atmosphere might add to your stress. Moreover, with sufficient lighting, your home office will be more radiant and pleasant. This light means the light of the sun. Even if you get a little space, try to get your room to get light or sunlight.

Room Window

This one element is optional. If you need it, you can find a room in your house with the best view. Through the window of this room, you can later peek at the exciting outside atmosphere during work breaks. Sometimes this is also needed to treat your eyes that stare at the laptop screen for too long.

Presence of Open and Closed Cupboards

You really need cupboards in the interior design of a home office. There are two kinds of wardrobes, but adjust them to the shape of the room and your needs. You can attach an open cupboard to the wall and can be used as a place to put your books. This open cupboard is similar to a cupboard in a library, except that your cupboard only has one side access. The second wardrobe model is a closed cupboard, where you put your documents to keep them safe. Usually when buying a table there are also small drawers that accompany it.

When you have a large home office, the layout of open cupboards at the top and closed cupboards at the bottom is perfect. You just organize your books and documents. You can arrange according to color, needs or interests.

How? Have you ever thought about creating a home office according to your wishes and needs? It doesn’t need a big room, small as long as it’s quite fun. Present several home office interior design elements to make it easier for you to organize items in your home office. The most important thing is that you can maintain concentration while in the room.