The Rustic Home Interior Design You’ve Always Missed

Everyone wants to return to the rustic atmosphere when the work holidays come. Hoping to escape the endless hustle and bustle of the city. However, what happens if the holiday you hope for doesn’t come? If so, it’s a good idea to have a rustic home interior in your home. At least, this step will bring you to feel the atmosphere of a rustic house even though you are actually in an urban area.

The characteristics of the rustic home interior certainly display the original rustic style. Starting from the materials used to home knick-knacks, such as wood, natural stone, or clay. Usually the ingredients are also obtained from local products so it is not so difficult for you to find. However, there are also some local ingredients that are not easy to find, you know.

The interior of a rustic house represents a simple and uncluttered style. However, you don’t need to worry because this design has been refined to make it suitable for use in today’s homes. Moreover, aesthetics become the needs of almost everyone. Therefore, let’s get to know the interior design of the rustic house below, which is summarized for you.

Rustic Home Interior Design Elements

The Presence of Natural Elements

Surely you can guess this first element. The countryside is famous for its cool air because many plants and trees line almost every street. This is what makes you miss every time, namely the activity of breathing fresh air freely, unlike in urban areas that are already polluted with pollution. Therefore, it is very mandatory for you to bring natural elements into your home. The natural elements in question include rocks, green plants, clay, jute, and animal skins.

You can choose plants with medium-sized pots for you to place around the main road of the house or in the living room of the house. Then, wooden furniture is very friendly for you to use. Starting from table furniture, chairs, mirror frames to a deck attached to the wall of your home.

Because you focus on natural elements, you should minimize the use of plastic materials for your home furnishings, such as plastic materials. Because, plastic material more symbolizes contemporary home interiors.

Choose Rustic Natural Colors

The choice of colors in the house is included in the interior of the house. For this piece, you can use rustic colors, such as leaf green, clay brown, or a bit of rock gray. Avoid using contrasting colors because it will reduce the appearance of your country house interior design. Like, don’t mix leaf green with fiery red. This even makes the color in your home chaotic.

The use of contrasting colors is actually okay, as long as it doesn’t coincide directly. You can still use blue, purple, red. However, if you are still not sure about the final result, muted colors are ready for you to choose, including a neutral white color for this interior design. Remember, other than the coolness of the air, a country house also has a warm impression.

Have Comfortable Furniture For Rustic Home Interiors

Of course you need furniture in the house. For a rustic home interior, present furniture that makes you always comfortable at all times. Starting from the texture, shape, to how you look at it.

The furniture that you often use in the house is certainly a chair. Of the many chairs in your home, try buying one that is attractive and can accompany you to relax. You can use the lounge chair as a friend to watch TV or relax with guests in the living room.

Handmade Trinkets

Because they are based on natural elements, handmade knick-knacks can be a reference for your home interior decoration. The touch of these knick-knacks can be important to increase your home decoration. For example, you can buy a mini macrame in the form of woven for display in your home. Other interesting decorations include coat hangers made of fine wood, woven tissue holders and pillow mats of textured fabric.

Various Kinds of Rustic Home Interior Combinations

As mentioned above, nowadays the interior of a rustic home looks more modern. One of them is by collaborating with other home interior designs. If you ask for the results, of course it is not inferior to the original interior design of a rustic home interior.

Rustic Home Interior X Farm Interior

Rural and agriculture are actually not much different. Both bring out the nuances of nature. The green color can be a mainstay in the combination of the two interior designs of this house. By combining the two, it will bring up a more beautiful atmosphere because you really hope that you don’t just put a few plants in the house. Not only plants in medium-sized pots, you can also apply plants in flower vases.

Rustic Home Interior X Hampton Home Interior

This time collaborating with the atmosphere of the houses on the coast of Long Island, New York. Sounds like a double vacation. To give the characteristics of these two interior designs, you can choose white as a middle ground as your home wall paint.

The presence of natural stone in the bathroom and garden areas in the house will also reveal the representatives of these two interior designs. You can display both beach paintings and mountain paintings in the living room area freely. In addition, the wood material also remains a mainstay to represent these two.

Rustic Home Interior X Scandinavian Home Interior

Appear different from the two combinations above, the interior of a country house and a Scandinavian will look modern when you combine it. The appearance of the house is clean, aesthetic, but still minimalist. Wood is still used here combined with natural light and greenery.

By having a rustic home interior reference, there is great hope if you are no longer stressed with the various kinds of work that come. At least, this design will accompany you and your family to feel the serene atmosphere of the countryside every day.