Take a Look at The Beautiful Vintage Home Interior Picture

If you’re not busy at work, browsing becomes one of the fun things. Before you have your dream house later, it’s a good idea to browse various home designs so you have an idea first. This time, let’s get acquainted with an overview of vintage home interior picture.

Vintage home interior design will take you to the concept of ancient times. Even before you were born on earth. The concept of ancient times can be recognized as never ending. In fact, today’s concept is more about taking an ancient model or design while combining it with the style of the modern era. As a result, vintage designs become timeless designs.

Combination of Supporting Elements of Vintage Home Interior Picture and Their Applications

1. Various Photos on the Living Room Wall

Try to remember what you first encountered in the old house when you entered the living room. Yes, various family photos are plastered in the living room of the house, ranging from large to medium sizes. These photos are the first characteristic that is very classic, everyone knows.

If applied today, you can still put up lots of photos in your living room. In order for the picture to look clear and neat, it is recommended to paint the walls of your living room white. That way you can freely put any photo on the wall. Make sure that only one wall you choose as a place for photos and it’s a good idea to place it in the middle.

2. Complete Bed With Canopy

After entering the living room, it’s time to take a peek at the vintage home interior in the bedroom. This time, you will find a complete bed with a canopy. It may not even be complete with curtains on the bed. This canopy is usually made of wood or iron. In addition, bedrooms with vintage designs usually have a flower vase on the right or left.

You can still use a canopy on your bed today. It’s time to combine the interior of your vintage home with a shabby chic interior design. Please choose pastel colors for the color of the bed canopy. Later you can also choose pastel colors as the color of your bed cover. For example, you choose pink for your bed cover, then you can color the canopy with pink paint too.

3. Roman Numeral Clock

Furthermore, the presence of this one object can be found anywhere in the home area. It is a roman numeral clock. Make no mistake, even though it looks simple, this roman numeral clock makes your home feel like you are in 1970 Europe.

This Roman numeral clock can be displayed in the living room of your home or in the dining room. These two places are certainly the most visited rooms for you, your family and closest people. To make it look more antique, choose a clock with roman numerals with wood on the numbers.

4. Wood is the Mainstay of Vintage Home Interior Picture

In the past, wood was the material you most often encountered as home furnishings. Starting from tables, chairs, cupboards and other materials. Even now.

Honestly, wood does have advantages over other materials. Wood is stronger and easier to maintain. Starting from the living room, kitchen to bathroom, it is necessary to have wood to support the picture of a vintage home interior. Especially for the dining room, the idea of ​​a large wooden dining table sounds interesting. As for wooden chairs, you can paint them in pastel colors so they are not boring.

5. Attic House

The next feature of the interior of a vintage house is the attic of the house. The attic of the house is the top level of the house building. The average house in ancient times had an attic, even though it only contained a warehouse. This attic has a window that fits the height of the attic building to the roof of the house.

In today’s era, you can apply the attic of this house as a bedroom for children. Suitable because it does not require such a high height. As a result, baaam! The children’s bedroom is ready. You just add a single bed in the middle and add furniture around the bed. For example, cupboards, flower vases, or wardrobe.

6. Pattern On Pillow

Almost at home, vintage design pillows have a characteristic, namely patterns. This pattern is not just a shape, but a shape resembling a flower or leaf. The pattern in the vintage picture house interior is more floral and natural. Even if you do, you will find the surface of the pattern on the pillow feels rougher or embossed.

Yes, you can apply this pattern to your home. Starting from your living room sofa cushions to pattern pillows in your bedroom. But you need to remember that the comparison of pattern pillows with plain pillows needs a balanced amount to keep it aesthetically pleasing.

7. Floral Patterns Everywhere

Still regarding floral or natural motifs, you can visualize the interior of this vintage house with the presence of various floral motifs. The smallest thing you can apply in the kitchen space. A jar of salt with a floral motif alone can bring a vintage style to your home. Especially when you have a floral tablecloth.

8. Large Framed Glass in Vintage Home Interior Picture

Taking a unique concept, large framed glass has existed since ancient times. Its existence will take you to the 1960s. Although heavy, this large framed glass can be the center of your room. Or if you can custom it, you need to choose the shape of a glass frame with a look like heavy wood, even though when you lift it it feels light. The bathroom can also be a target for this large glass frame.

Well, how? Do you already have a picture of a vintage home interior now? At least, with you have the picture, you will more easily understand and apply it. Do you want to apply one or all of the above elements? Most importantly, you prioritize your budget at the beginning of designing and don’t choose too many elements so that your home doesn’t even look messy.