7 Selected Home Interior Designs

People say, home is the most comfortable place to come home. Where one can take shelter from bad weather or crime. Even the house is a primary need for every human being. So, there is nothing wrong if someone chooses the best home interior designs to color his house.

Choosing a home interior designs can be fun, especially if you spend a lot of time at home. The interior design of this house includes the paint color of the interior of the house, the combination of the interior of the furniture and the shape of the interior of the house.

You can choose home interior designs you prefer. You can do it with your own hands or you need the help of an expert designer or decorator. Nothing is in vain of course when you design the interior of the house.

Home Interior Design Elements You Need To Know

Light Settings

In any room, don’t forget the lighting settings. This light setting is very necessary in illuminating the room. To provide lighting in the room, now you can choose a variety of lamps according to the needs of your room.

First, the bright white light. You can use bright white lights as the main lighting. You can choose the strength of the white light as needed. Do you need very bright or half dim lights.

The second light, the yellow light. Yellow light is usually used as a decoration, not the main light. But it could be that yellow light bulbs become the main light when you choose a room design that is not too bright. Lastly, colorful lights. It is clear if this model lamp is used for decoration, both home interior decoration and house exterior decoration.

Color Selection

After you know what interior design you will choose, it’s time for you to determine the color of the interior of the house. Color selection based on interior design. For example, if you choose a Hampton home interior design, then you will choose neutral colors rather than primary colors.


Still related to color, patterns are here to fill the interior of your home. The presence of this pattern is one of the attractions of a room. You can find room patterns in wallpapers, rugs and fabrics.

When determining the pattern, it’s a good idea to also determine the style of your home interior design. The size of the pattern affects the style you have set. Of course you don’t want to ruin the interior atmosphere of the house that you have arranged as beautifully as possible.

7 Selected Home Interior Designs

The choice of home interior design that is starting to mushroom has many choices for you. You can choose one of the seven home interior designs below.

Minimalist Home Interior Design

This design is gaining popularity among the public. Promising arrangement in a room that is not so spacious helps small house owners still be able to design the interior of their homes.

Characteristic: This design emphasizes the nature of simplicity and uncomplicatedness.

Application: This design requires a reference for furniture or items that have multiple functions. It is hoped that the presence of multifunctional furniture will save your space. As a color choice, choose white which will give a spacious impression to your home.

Industrial Home Interior Design

Characteristic: Industrial design is more revealing of iron as the material.

Application: Colors in industrial house interior designs tend to choose gray or black for the furniture.

Shabby Chic Home Interior Design

For those of you who tend to be feminine, this interior design can be your reference.

Characteristic : Tend to be feminine and gentle

Application: Because it is feminine, you can choose pastel colors, such as light blue, pink, white or cream

Contemporary Interior Design

For interior design, this one mixes the design concepts of the present and the future.

Characteristic : have warm and cool colors in one design. As a result, you will be happy if you look at the interior of your home.

Application: one of the materials that you can use in contemporary interior design is wood. Wood makes furniture that is both durable and neutral.

Scandinavian Interior Design

For those of you who like aesthetics, Scandinavian interior design can be a reference. In addition to aesthetics, this clean appearance makes the room more elegant.

Characteristic : this time the design features white color and uses materials from plastic, wood and iron. As a result, the use of these materials makes the room cleaner.

Application: As if you are designing it in the living room area, then it’s a good idea to start by choosing a white wall. After that, you can also choose various furniture with white color combinations, patterns or other images. Pattern free here. You can add the pattern in each of your room, such as on your pillow or your bloster layer.

Japandi Interior Design

Well, this time the interior design will show the atmosphere in the house like in Japan. Interesting, right? This design is famous for its minimalist form. As a result, those of you who have a minimalist home don’t have to worry about looking for a home interior design.

Characteristic: semi-dominated wood material and more concerned with the natural atmosphere.

Application: not so difficult to change the interior of the house like a Japanese atmosphere. Just need to display what the Japanese have in the house. For example, you can decorate your home with a variety of fine wood materials. The atmosphere of a Japanese house looks warm inside. Coloring your home with a green, light brown or cream palette and furniture is an option. Don’t forget to add some greenery in your house. Potted plants are also good.

The choice of home interior design can’t be wrong. You can display your preferences through the appearance of the interior design of the house. Don’t worry, if you are still confused, nowadays you are facilitated by the services of a home designer who will help you design the interior of the house.