Get to Know Modern Home Interior Design Options Today

Currently, modern home interior design is being sought after by most people. Yes, home interior design is very popular with many people. Especially when the COVID-19 pandemic comes. How could that be? Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many jobs have started implementing WFH (Work From Home). That is, home interior design will accompany you every day. The sights you see every day shouldn’t bore you or even stress you out with work, right?

Choosing a home interior design is not an easy thing. It could be that your home interior design reflects yourself. Those of you who choose a modern home interior design will look more simple, aesthetic and maintain cleanliness. This interior design includes paint colors, furniture styles, materials to details. Playing choosing furniture and colors is not arbitrary. Therefore, don’t make the wrong choice of interior design for your favorite home.

Get to know Modern Home Interior Design

Modern home interior design is known to be simpler, cleaner, and more comfortable. Many people have a modern home interior design because of its timeless style.

Modernization began in the 19th century. Until now, this modern design began to mushroom to the design of home elements. This modern design is more about choosing materials from concrete and steel as the building structure. Therefore you do not need to be surprised why modern house designs have large windows and flat roofs.

Elements of Modern Home Interior Design

1. Neutral Wall

Containing a neutral soul, modern home interior designs prefer neutral colored walls. In addition to avoid color clutter in the room, neutral colors on your walls provide many benefits. For example, you look more relaxed when you are in your room, or with this neutral color you don’t need to be confused about choosing colors for your furniture. Any color of furniture will go well with neutrals. Choose neutral colors such as white or light gray for the interior of your home.

2. Open Space Concept

The concept of open space has been echoed everywhere. It must be admitted that this concept is very suitable for today’s home design, including modern home interior design. The open space concept helps you clean up unused items in the living room, dining room and open kitchen area. In other words, you need to organize these three open space locations to avoid unnecessary items. These three locations will look very comfortable if you really keep them clean and tidy. After all, modern home interiors also introduce a clean but still aesthetic concept.

3. Large Size Windows in Modern Home Interior Design

The existence of windows is an important element for a house. In modern home interiors, you will often find large windows. This size was chosen because it can make you more free to look outside and make the room shine. Behind it all, the window functions as a place for changing air in your home. Large windows make it easier for air from outside to enter the house and vice versa.

Various Kinds of Modern Home Interior Design

Naturalist Modern Home Interior Design

As the name suggests, this interior design takes the concept from nature. After having a neutral wall color, you just need to add various accents or furniture from natural materials or the like. For example, downy mats, wicker, natural stone and wood.

Just take one example in your bathroom. In addition to primary furniture, such as showers, baths, bathroom curtains, water taps, you need natural stone at the bottom as decoration. Looks simple, but natural stone helps your bathroom look natural and comfortable. Feel the sensation of bathing in the bathroom like bathing in the open.

Boho House Interior Design

At first glance, you will find it almost difficult to distinguish this one interior design from a naturalist interior design. Almost the same, the difference is that the interior design of a boho house focuses on vintage and ethnic style games. In addition, this interior design features bold colors but still looks calm.

Furniture that is suitable for boho interior design includes smooth wooden tables, rocking chairs or lounge chairs, abstract paintings, and colorful pillows. You can display this design in the garden atrium of the house to add to your enthusiasm every day.

Monochrome Home Interior Design

Black and white fans are highly recommended for this one interior design. Monochrome home interior design provides elegance and cleanness. The design that avoids the noise, is suitable for you to apply to your workspace or study room. With the addition of a swivel chair so that those of you who are working can spin around when you run out of ideas.

Functional Home Interior

Increasingly, the price tag for a house is no longer cheap. Especially for those of you who are just about to buy a house. But calm down, even so, you can still have a modern home interior design. Just choose a functional modern home interior design that has a minimalist and clean principle. This design or concept is also used in minimalist-sized homes.

This functional home interior design also saves space and furniture in your home. The first step, of course you need a neutral wall here. Then, choose furniture that does not take up a lot of land but has a double function, such as a sofa that has a pull-out mattress underneath. As a result, you have two functions in one piece of furniture. The existence of a hanging shelf can also be an option so that you no longer put things under it in a scattered manner. Other of that, you can utilize hanging cupboard for placing many books there.

As we all know, this modern home interior design is suitable for you to use in almost any room of the house. Starting from the bedroom, bathroom, dining room, office space to the kitchen. What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to create a home interior that will not make you bored every day. Don’t hesitate in terms of budget because a functional modern home interior design is also ready to be your home choice.