20-Feet Shipping Container House For Today’s Dream Home

The growing world of home property makes the number of house shapes and designs increase. Not only mezzanines, the design of a 20-feet shipping container house is also a current trend.

At first, this 20-feet shipping container house design trend was in Europe and America only. But over the years, this design is well received by people in Asia.

Of course, it is the uniqueness that makes this model house chosen other than the usual regular house. Before knowing how the design is, let’s listen to the advantages and disadvantages of this house design so that later you can consider carefully when buying it.

20-Feet Shipping Container House Design Advantages

1. Easy to Move

The design of this house is different from the others, usually you have to stay in one place only, but in this house you can stay everywhere. You can even move this house when you change jobs. That way, you do not have to bother looking for a house or have to spend money to go home and go to a faraway place of work. Of course, before moving you must also look at the situation of the location where you are moving. Because not all places can be passed by cranes as a means to move them.

2. More Sturdy and Anti-Earthquake

Because it is made of iron, this house is naturally more solid than the usual house. In addition, the nature of iron can also reduce earthquakes when earthquake vibrations come. In contrast to the construction of houses made of stone and cement.

3. Shipping Container House Design Costs 20-Feet Cheaper Than Usual Houses

It is clear that container houses are cheaper than ordinary houses. You can even buy used shipping containers to suit your budget.

4. Work Faster

Usually to build an ordinary house takes between six months to a year. However, to design a 20-feet shipping container house it only takes one to three months. In fact, nowadays there are many expert services in the field of container house construction

5. Protecting the Environment

By being able to empower used shipping containers, it means that the amount of container waste is reduced. Although used, the container can still be used and is still in good condition.

Disadvantages of 20-Feet shipping container house design

1. Make the Temperature Hotter or Colder

The consequence of living in a house made of iron is that you will feel the temperature is higher than when you are in a normal house. When the temperature is in cold conditions, the room in your house becomes very cold, as well as when the temperature is hot.

2. Limited Delivery Location

Moving a container house to your destination of course requires a crane or heavy equipment. As a result, not everywhere you can place a container house. In small alleys and remote locations, of course, cranes cannot pass. Therefore, the delivery location is also limited.

20-Feet Shipping Container House Design For You

20-Feet Glass Shipping Container House Design

Like the greenhouse design, you can apply it to your container house. A shipping container house with ornate glass looks interesting, doesn’t it? Your home also looks more luminous. You only need to multiply the curtains in your home as a glass cover that you can open at any time.

Front Terrace Container House

The design of your 20-feet shipping container house can be more varied with the presence of a front porch. Make the front porch like millennial cafes in general. You can use this front porch to entertain guests at your home or just relax in the afternoon.

Industrial Design Container House

Industrial design can be your minimalist container house reference. With a little touch of pipe, iron and other industrial materials. The use of gray is suitable for industrial designs. Paint your container gray on the outside for added elegance and sophistication. For the inside, you can install decorative yellow lights at night.

Level Container House

Having a container house does not mean you are stuck with a one-story house. You can also make a container house multi-storey. As a result, you can make the upper level into a bedroom. The kitchen and living room are at the bottom. That way, you can have a wider privacy space.

Spacious Container House

If you want to have a spacious container house, that means you need more than one container. Later the number of containers can adjust to the number of rooms you need. For example, you want four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and so on. On the other hand, you can also add a personal library room or a special workspace so that you are comfortable at home.

For reference, you can see one of the container houses in rural Maine, America. There is a 4,000 square foot container house made of 12 containers. It has large windows that make the house look spacious.

Mini Container House Design

There are some people who have a private house outside their house but still in their yard area. Maybe for a place for their children to play or for self-reflection. By placing it outside the house can at least make it calm or the children do not disturb the parents.

Mini container design can be your solution. Especially if you have a large home page, both inside and outside. You can place a container house in your home. Contains only one room with a bed that you design yourself according to your needs. Almost similar to the existence of a tree house, the difference is that the container house is above the ground.

As the demand for homes is increasing, it is only natural that you consider the design of a 20-feet shipping container house. Moreover, housing prices are no longer cheap. In addition, you can also use the 20-feet shipping container model as a stand for your shop. You no longer need to bother to build or rent a building. Other than it, priorize the budget that you have, make a shipping container house based on your ability.