7 Explanations Kinds of Decoration Styles You Should Know

Do you feel new to the world of decoration? Yes, you are someone who wants to decorate a house, but it is very common to know various kinds of decorations. Knowing that, you don’t need to worry because below there are 7 explanation kinds of decoration style that you need to know.

The number of decoration options can sometimes make you confused. Even though you have received advice from friends or relatives, you may still not understand what decoration you want to choose. Of course, choosing a decoration is not easy, because everyone wants the decoration style he chooses to keep for a long time.

Here’s a recommendation on how to choose a type of decoration style for you:

1. Kinds of Timeless Decoration Styles

If you are not the type of person who likes to change styles, you should be looking for a timeless decorating style. The style of decoration is timeless, of course you can maintain it for at least 7 to 20 years. You don’t have to worry about that, you just need to prepare how to care for the decoration.

a. wood material

Wood is a timeless material. In traditional, transitional, to hampton decorating styles, almost all of them contain wood. In addition, the wood material also makes it easier for you when you run out of ideas for decorating. Wood materials no longer need a lot of patterns or motifs because without them it looks aesthetic. Known for its durability, wooden door recommendations are suitable for your reference.

b. Brick material

In addition to wood, brick materials are also suitable for you to apply to your home or building. This brick material is known to be strong and sturdy for the next 10 to 20 years. Behind that, the brick material also still looks aesthetic even if you don’t polish the cement as a wall as long as you arrange it neatly.

2. Decorate Style According to Your Personality

Home is the most private place for you to live. Great hope, the house becomes a comfortable place to always be inhabited. Especially during the pandemic, everyone is at home within 24 hours. Of course, if you have a good and pleasant home decor, the feeling of feeling at home in the house will increase and activities in the house will automatically become more productive. Therefore, create a variety of styles for your home decoration according to your personality or wishes.

Check out, 7 Kinds of Decoration Styles You Need to Know:

1. Transitional Decoration Style

If you are confused between two options, choosing modern or traditional decoration, transitional decoration is the right solution. Of course you need know the explanation kinds of decoration style well. A balanced mix of ancient and modern style creates a timeless atmosphere.
To liven up the transitional style, you need to use wood materials that are old fashioned at first. However, with a touch of some modern furniture, your home will not be old fashioned anymore.

2. Traditional Decoration Style

If you want a traditional house design in your home because you love old things. The explanation kinds of decoration style here designs are British and French inspired from the 18th and 19th centuries.
The traditional style features lots of dark wood decor. However, the house or room will not always look dark because you can add a crystal chandelier. For the motif itself, it is more inclined to floral motifs, stripes and boxes.

3. Hampton Decor Style

You should not miss this kind of decoration style explanation, because this decoration style will take you to vacation at the beach every day. As we know, the holiday atmosphere is highly expected in today’s era after inhaling the tightness of working on weekdays. This includes investing to save you from the stress that hit.

The aesthetic value of a Hampton decor style house is also a consideration for those of you who love aesthetic models. Hampton’s style is inspired by homes on the waterfront of Long Island, New York. Showing a relaxed beach style but still on the principle of elegance.

You can embody the Hampton décor style by having furniture made of soft materials, such as finely woven linen, light wood. In addition, the impression of vacationing at the beach will be displayed through woven or rattan decorations. The colors for the Hampton-style decorations that are suitable for you to apply include white, blue, beige, light brown, and other natural colors.

4. Minimalist Decoration Style

The shape of today’s houses that are more inclined to minimalist buildings forces residents to remain creative and aesthetic. With that, the minimalist decoration style becomes the solution for your creative ideas.

This clean, uncomplicated design is inspired by Japanese-style designs that love empty spaces. Some multifunctional furniture is also needed here so as not to take up a lot of space. For example, you need a raised coffee table, a sofa with a pull-out mattress underneath, a hanging shelf to store your home ornaments or just skincare.

Meanwhile, this decoration takes neutral and bright colors that reveal cleanliness. The addition of glass as a wall is also recommended so that your room looks bigger.

5. Bohemian Decoration Style

The explanation of this bohemian style of decoration is like nomadic or erratic. Anything you can add for a bohemian style, but the signature style is a touch of vintage and ethnicity.

Far from being luxurious and expensive, this style tends to be equipped with cheap furniture or materials. In fact, it is not uncommon for you to find this decoration using everyday home appliances. For example, paper craft, used cardboard, or used jars. In addition, various ornaments from cloth are also important elements that you should not forget.

6. Modern Farmhouse Decoration Style

The decor style that was created by Joanna Gaines combines a more modern agricultural style. Like the traditional farm version, this decor looks simpler and cleaner.

If you want to add ornaments or furniture so that it looks more like a modern farmhouse, a chandelier is one of the recommendations. The chandelier looks simple at first but this is what gives rise to the hallmark of this decoration style, namely antiques. You can also make things like books on display in the living room to make it look good and make it easier for you to find your books.

7. Explanation of Shabby Chic Decoration Styles

Famous for its feminine design, the Shabby Chic decoration style is a recommendation according to your wishes, women. Shabby Chic design has a soft texture.

This 18th-century design is pale in color with the perfect blend of floral patterns. Equipped with light blue artificial flowers, this decoration becomes even more complete.

Knowing all the explanations of the types of decoration styles is not mandatory for you, especially the layman. However, there are at least five or seven explanations of the types of decoration styles that you know to your knowledge. I don’t know when you use this knowledge, what is clear is that this knowledge is needed today for anyone who wants to decorate a house. Either decorating from scratch or continuing to build a house.