Trendy Bathroom Designs for 2022 Make Your Day Cheerfull

The bathroom is indeed not a place that you and your family stay in for a long time. At least one hour in the bathroom is too long. However, for some people, a long bathing ritual becomes relaxation after working long hours in front of a computer screen. Enjoying warm water in the bathroom while rubbing body scrubs is a pleasant relaxation. If that is your type of relaxation, having a trendy bathroom design in 2022 is the right solution.

Even though you rarely enter, guests who suddenly come to your house will be happy to see the condition of the bathroom is good, especially aesthetic. Do you know that a neat and pleasant bathroom can even add to your mood while taking a shower. To realize this trendy bathroom design in 2022, you can start from the steps below.

Here, Choose 7 Trendy Bathroom Design in 2022 Based on Your Favourite:

1. Warm Shades in the Trendy Bathroom Design in 2022

Just imagine if you enjoy hot water in the bath up while taking a shower at night after work. Coupled with the warm feel of the bathroom and accompanying classical music. Of course, this is the dream of many people. Start designing the warm feel of your bathroom through variations of wall paint or ceramics.

Several color choices that can display warm nuances include beige, light brown, dark brown, a mix of dark brown and light brown. In addition, you can install wood accents in your bathroom.

2. Cute Pattern And Color Accent

Not only in the bedroom, you can also create your ideas in the bathroom. You can display cute and interesting patterns in your bathroom. Patterns such as large geometric shapes, variations of flowers or leaves are ready to decorate your bathroom walls. Don’t forget to also install picture curtains to make your bathing activities not boring.

In addition to patterns, attractive colors are also not to be missed. Fresh colors, such as pink, orange, light green and light blue make you more cheerful after bathing.

3. Bathroom With Lots of Furniture

If you find a bathtub, shower, water faucet, sink in the bathroom, it’s certainly normal. Things that are different from usual, you put a lot of things in the bathroom. For some people who do not longer in the bathroom, this is not very important. However, for those of you who are used to longering in the bathroom, having some furniture in the bathroom is fun.

You can place a wide glass along with a small cupboard in the bathroom, towel hangers and some skincare equipments. Mini wardrobe as a place to store your towels or clothes. That way, you don’t have to go out of the bathroom when your towel suddenly falls or gets wet.

In addition, you can immediately use skincare equipment after bathing in the bathroom. You can also use body scrubs in the bathroom directly. Furthermore, a large or wide mirror helps you to make sure that there is no toothpaste left on your face before stepping out of the shower.

4. Deep White Shades  for Trendy Bathroom Design in 2022

White color symbolizes calm and comfort. A touch of white can be a good reference for your bathroom design this year. Simply by matching white or clear colors on almost every furniture in your bathroom. Starting from the shower, need ups, sinks, bathroom curtains or bathroom walls.

White is a neutral color that you can mix with any color. Don’t worry if one of your items in the bathroom isn’t white. Especially with the times, people don’t need a lot of patterns, but prefer things that are simple but work well.

5. Minimalist Bathroom Design in 2022

The high cost of property challenges homeowners to think of ideas how to make a minimalist home but still comfortable and aesthetic. Not just the look of the house, but every room in the house. For example, the bathroom. If you feel your bathroom is cramped and can’t look trendy, you’re wrong. This is precisely the time for you to display a minimalist bathroom design in 2022.

Trendy bathroom design in 2022 also presents a minimalist form. With a land that is not too wide, you can still put a bath up and shower. You just place the shower position above the bath up so you can easily soak while using the shower if you want. After that, don’t forget to put the mirror in your bathroom even though the sink is outside the bathroom.

One more thing that makes your bathroom look big is choosing ceramic or wallpaper with large pattern images. For example, the geometry is large. Don’t forget to make a skincare rack or hanging soap to save space in your bathroom.

6. Dark Shades Design

Dark color is no longer a scary color in this day and age. Even the dark color is one of the neutral colors that has many fans. You can apply a touch of dark color in your bathroom, starting from the ceramic part, the color of the need up, to the walls of your bathroom.

Some dark colors that you can choose are black or dark gray. Actually, black describes the impression of glamor and luxury, even if you place it in a minimalist bathroom. Especially if you are a lover of black, you will be more comfortable in your bathroom with these dark shades. Don’t forget to add lighting so that the dark color of the bathroom is more neutral.

7. A Touch of Wood and Ceramics

If you agree with having more furniture in the bathroom, a touch of wood and ceramics can be the right choice to decorate your bathroom. Install fine wood in the dry part of the bathroom and ceramic in the wet part of the bathroom. In addition, installing one wall with wood is no less interesting for you to try. Given this wood material is timeless. If you are bored, you can change the design of your bathroom without removing the wood material.

Actually, trendy bathroom design in 2022 or you can say, more and more years, design is concerned with function but still needs to look neat. Aesthetics can also be important, but should not interfere with your budget. Have a good talk with your family when you want to create a trendy bathroom design. It could be that you and your children’s desires are different, except that in the family you have several bathrooms or a private bathroom in each room. Choose a bathroom design according to your favorite and budget.