Don’t Worry, These Are Modern Car Parking Design Save Your Car

Maintaining a car properly is an obligation for every owner, including you. Your car can be your dream for a long time. Therefore, do not let you waste your car by parking it anywhere. What is clear, you need a variety of modern car parking shed design references for your home.

You will feel the importance of modern car parking when you hear news about a car with scratches, a car that was hit by another car or a car damaged by continuous sunlight. Prevent your car from various disasters by preparing a parking space.

Car parking shed is a solution to store or park your car safely and comfortably. You don’t have to worry if your car is exposed to the sun or rain though. By placing it somewhere equipped with a car parking shed, of course, avoid your car from scratches. In addition, it will not interfere with the road or neighbors.

In this modern era, you need modern things too, including a car parking shed. Modern car parking shed presents something fresh but still emphasizes function. You can also choose a modern car parking shed design according to your needs, whether you need one car or several cars.

Various Modern Car Parking Designs For Your Home:

1. Standard Curved Car Parking Shed Design

Usually this car parking shed design model is used in malls, offices or homes. You can use this design for a single car or several cars.

The advantages of this standard curved car parking shed design can cover the overall shape of your car. Some shops will sell ready-made shapes, but you can also customize according to the size of your car. You can even arrange it yourself by asking the help of an expert. Modern car parking designs like this are usually placed in a different area from the house where several cars are lined up for residents of the house complex.

2. Single Pole Umbrella Shaped Design

When you have one car, this single-pole umbrella-shaped design is perfect for you to have at home. The form is simple but still looks fashionable to unite the value of function and aesthetics. The terrace of the house can be a suitable land for you to install a car parking shed in the form of a single pole umbrella.

However, you can also apply this modern car parking shed design to more than one car. Of course, with a different design, you can place it on the terrace of the house or place it on another land.

You can choose various colors according to your taste or according to the paint color of your house so that it matches the exterior view of your house. However, if you prefer something neutral, additional glass can also be a reference. On the other hand, if you like plants, hanging plants even if they are only leaves can add to this modern car parking decoration to make it more fresh.

To build this car parking model on the terrace or in your home, you can choose the option by sticking it on the wall of your house. So you no longer need to make a single pole to support your mainstay car parking.

3. Modern Car Parking Shed Waveform

Have you ever seen a wave-shaped car parking shed in a restaurant or mall? Its unique shape is like a wave of sea water, making your car park look more aesthetic. Usually this car parking shed model is used for more than one car.

Made of aluminum, making this modern car parking look light so it is not uncommon for this model to be chosen by mall or restaurant owners. Actually you can also choose a material from steel, but the result will look heavier and reduce the aesthetics of the shape.

4. Modern Car Parking Shed Cone Shape

More like a stand at a city carnival, this modern car parking shed gives an exclusive impression for your car storage location. Especially if you have a luxury car and place it in this cone-shaped car parking shed in an area that can be seen by many people. Some show rooms also use this form of car parking model to prevent the car from the hot sun during the day.

You can vary this car parking shed model. There is a car parking shed with a pole to insulate each car or there is also one that is only for one car. Also, some don’t need a lot of posts to support them. Neutral colors, such as white, light brown, are highly recommended for conical car parking shed paint.

Modern Car Parking Shed Selection For You:

1. Choose a Car Parking Shed As Needed

The number of cars is a big question when you are going to install a car parking shed at home or at the office. The reason is, if you want to put it on the terrace of the house and you only have one car, just stick the modern car parking shed on the side wall of the house or on the wall of your terrace. However, if you have more than one car, it would be nice to park it in a separate area from the house or you need to have underground parking.

2. Choose According to Your Willingness

Simple people are certainly different from people who always want to look fashionable, including in terms of their homes. The house must look perfect and harmonious. Starting from the furniture to the color details though.
If you are a fashionable person, please choose a modern car parking shed with a wavy model or a single-pole umbrella model. Both are recommended because of their simple yet aesthetic and elegant shape.

3. Choose According to Your Budget

Want a safe car, but you also need capital. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be expensive to make these car storage bins. Choosing from aluminum can be cheaper than steel.

Do not let you force yourself to choose a car parking model that is aesthetic but lacking in function. Choose a low budget model but have a high function so that it lasts for decades.

In today’s modern era, you no longer need to bother to make or hire people to build a car parking shed manually. However, several services for making car parking are available and ready to make it easier for you. You only need to discuss with an expert from the service regarding how big the car parking shed you want, the color you want and also where you will put it. If you are still unsure about their services, you only need to look at their catalog or portfolio review on the internet about the results of their modern car parking design.