Create a Different Look with Swiss Chalet Home Design

Have you ever heard of Swiss chalet home design? Yes, the design of this one house at first glance looks like an ordinary country house. However, if you look at the design of this house in detail, of course you will immediately have the desire to live in a house like this.
With a simple design, Swiss chalet home design introduces you to the common materials that complement a home. However, warmth and comfort are key to your design. Characteristic of the sloping roofline, wooden construction, closed windows and neatly planted flower boxes are the allure of this design.
The chalet style dates back to the 18th and early 19th centuries when English garden ideas inspired gardens and residences in Germany. The design of this house shows the simple life of the people who live on the hillside of the mountains. In particular, the majority of people work as farmers or cow guards. In Switzerland, cows are everywhere. The activity of sending cows is on average from the slopes of the mountains. The cow is exist here because they like to eat fresh green grass easily.

Wood Construction for Your Swiss Chalet Home Design Becomes The Main Thing

Wood becomes a distinctive appearance in the design of a Swiss chalet house. Chalets are usually built of wood, even locally grown wood. The wood nuance also reflects the traditional taste but still has a classic impression. Coupled with a wood fireplace in the living room of the house adds to the warmth of this house.
If you want to complete a wooden construction, there’s nothing wrong with having a wooden ceiling. However, you can also add concrete or glass for variety. Foundations are also usually made of cement.

Sufficient Number of Windows in Your Lovely House

In addition, the number of windows in the design of this Swiss chalet house is central. Because you live on the hillside of the mountains, having cool air in and out of the house certainly adds to the feeling of feeling at home in the house.
Usually, but not necessarily, chalet houses have a sufficient number of windows. At least in every room, you need to place a window. For example, in the living room in the kitchen, every bedroom, dining room, and others. In kitchen, you need to throw the dirty air after cooking. In the other hand, window boxes are often planted with beautiful ornamental plants such a orchids or other colorful flowers. One of the aesthetics in the design of a Swiss chalet house lies in this window. On the other hand, the existence of this window is also a means for you to see many amazing views outside the house. Without the need for much effort, you can simply make a house window with a larger size than usual.

Transfer of Function from Chalet House

From time to time, the function of the chalet house, which was only a comfortable family home, can now switch functions. You as a farmer can make it a shelter to look after your cows. Then, you can also turn this chalet house into a shop or even a villa. Many people certainly choose a villa with a mountainous area that can save them from the urban crowd. Actually, if you make a chalet house as an investment, you can too. You simply rent it out to farmers or cattle keepers. That way, you don’t have to work hard because you will get the money from renting this chalet house.

Perfect Location For Chalet House

According to the initial function, the Swiss chalet house design is located on the slopes of the mountains to create a comfortable and cool atmosphere. It is highly recommended to place the chalet house in the mountains. However, there is nothing wrong if you place your chalet house in an urban area. Of course there will be different treatments and different additives to complete it.

Swiss Chalet House Exterior Design

When you have known that your chalet house is good, but do not forget with your exterior. As an exterior in a mountain house, of course, a landscape garden design is a mainstay and you should not forget. Green grass outside the house is a mandatory sight that you need to have. Then, the path leading to the front door of the house is no less important to add variety to your exterior. If you are lazy to cast it, just arrange some beautiful stones towards the main door to distinguish between green grass and the path.
Meanwhile, present beautiful flowers to decorate the exterior area of the house. The exterior of the house is indeed a mainstay because everyone who passes by will certainly see the appearance of the outside of your house rather than the area inside your house.

Furniture in Chalet Rumah Home

Because your house is made of wood, any color will be suitable if you are looking for the right furniture color. There is nothing wrong if you choose wood for your furniture. For example, wooden cabinets, wooden doors, wooden tables and chairs.
Don’t forget the fireplace in your home. The fireplace will add warmth to the atmosphere of your home. In the cold season, being on the slopes of a mountain is a chill atmosphere that is not kidding, isn’t it? Also prepare enough cupboards for you to store winter clothes and scarves. Both seem trivial, but if you don’t specialize in them, it could be that both will fall apart in the house.

The Swiss chalet house design is one of the comfortable home designs for those of you who live on the slopes of the mountains. Without much choice, this house design is indeed suitable for your home. Utilizing wood as the construction of the building, makes this house look sturdy but still classic. Do not let you misperceive the wood material. Besides being strong, wood is not a monotonous material. However, you can also make it look beautiful. One way is to paint it.