Airplane Hangar House Design Based On Your Want

Have you ever dreamed of owning a private airplane? Or is there already a plan? But don’t forget, the plan to have a private airplane will not be smooth until you have an airplane. Airplane hangar house are rarely owned due to several factors. Not that, your guts shrink to have it right?

Is It Better to Design Your Own Airplane Hangar or Buy a Residential Hangar Right Away?

If you want to have a hangar house, make sure you answer the questions above first. Of course, you can discuss this with your family. Is it better to design an airplane hangar house yourself or directly buy a residential hangar house? Both need to be considered because they both have advantages and disadvantages.

Design Your Own Airplane Hangar House vs Buying a Residential Hangar House

The Advantages of Designing Your Own Hangar House

a. With the creativity you have, you can easily pour it into the design of your dream airplane hangar house. You will try to lay out any location you want in your home. You can even choose which hangar shape you like for your home. If you are not a design expert, at least you need a light consultation with home designers and pilots.

Disadvantages of Designing Your Own Hangar House

a. If you want to have a hangar house, but you don’t have a design idea yet, this could be a problem for you. If so, you need to use the services of a home designer. Not only communicating or consulting, but you need to leave it to them. With a touch of ideas from a pilot you also need. That way, at least you need to spend more money than just consulting.
b. You need to make sure the location of your hangar house is far from people’s homes. The reason is, if you have a hangar house not in housing, of course your neighbors will be disturbed when they hear your airplane taking off. They neighbors can not easily understand because the location of ordinary housing should be far from noise.
On the other hand, you need to prepare a land that is at least larger than the usual duplex house. Because you have hangar demands in your home.

Advantages of Buying a Hangar House in Residential

a. Indirectly, this is already obvious. If you buy a hangar house directly in housing, you no longer need to think much about the shape of the hangar that you should use, how the interior of your hangar house is even to the state of the house around the hangar house.
In some cities, there are already many housing aircraft hangar houses, where almost every occupant has a private plane. For example, Cameron Airpark in California. Because this housing is designed for owners of private hangars and private planes, you only need to buy and occupy.
This housing design is sufficient for you to place your private aircraft comfortably, plus a remote electric fence. No need to get off the plane to just open the gate, instead you just open it while on the plane. In addition, the entrance to the house and the main road in this housing estate are deliberately made very wide so that planes and cars can pass. This makes it easier for residential residents to take off. Some road signs are also found in this housing.
b. Neighbors are sometimes used to the noise of your airplane. It is proper for neighbors to understand that the risk of hangar housing will certainly hear the sound of airplanes taking off one after another. Usually, it is not uncommon for some people to distinguish between a hangar house and their private house.

Disadvantages of Buying a Hangar House in Residential

a. Your creativity is minimal for you to give to the design of the airplane hangar house. You will immediately get a home template that has been provided by the housing developer. Usually, indeed you can change the interior or exterior, but still your idea is messing with the initial home design.

Your Dream Aircraft Hangar House Design Reference:

1. Cameron Airpark Estates California

Who does not know this housing, of course almost everyone in the world knows. Housing with airplane hangars in each of these houses is located in California, United States. If every city has elite housing, this one is elite and unique. This is because every resident in this housing estate has at least one private plane parked in front of their respective homes.
In fact, there are already more than 610 airparks spread all over the world. Not only in California alone. To be able to live here, prospective residents have to spend around 1.5 million dollars.
Because it was deliberately designed specifically for the aircraft hangar house, the road in front of the house and the public road was designed to be very wide so that it could accommodate passing planes. Planes and cars can still walk side by side. On the other hand, hangars are placed inside the house or outside the house like a cover which of course houses your plane. Plus every house is equipped with an electric gate that you can control with a remote to open it. This makes it easier for you to eject the plane without having to open it first by descending from the boom. Plus the mailbox is made lower than usual so as not to interfere with the plane’s wings.

2. SilverWing Housing at Sandpoint: Sandpoint, Idaho

For lovers of hangar houses, this housing is suitable for building a hangar house design. Packed with pristine lakes and mountains, the SilverWing at Saintpoint sits amidst the sights of it all.
The design of this house is also made of stone accents but looks aesthetically like a luxury villa. The available hangars are also custom made from 50′ x 42′ to 60′ x 70′

3. Hangar Live-Work Banman at Santa Paula Airpark

Unlike Cameron airpark California, you can feel at home in a delicious semi hangar coffee bar. With a simple cafe design, your plane will be the center of attention in the middle of your hangar house. The Banman Live-Work Hangar at Santa Paula Airpark is perfect for classic airplane lovers.

4. Green Arc House: East Hampton, New York

Inspired by the hangar at Green Arc Hose in Maziar Behrooz, Green Arc House has a cool hangar house design. From the front, if you look at it, it’s very simple. The shape of the hangar is neatly curved at the top to ensure safe air circulation into the house. The 6,400-square-foot home is cut with a hillside and another room underground for homeowners to maintain more privacy.

Airplane hangar house designs are suitable if you have a private plane or helicopter, a large collection of cars and motorbikes. Whether you want to build your own home design or buy a residential hangar house, there are plenty of hangar house references for you. Most importantly, do not forget the peace of your neighbors.