Recommendations for The Accent Wall Trends in 2022 For You

Are you designing the interior of your house? Or are you bored with the interior walls of your house that are like that every day? If so, that means, you are in need of a home wall interior reference that can make your days cheerful. One of the interior wall recommendations that you can try in the present is the accent wall trends in 2022.

Accent walls have indeed been a trend in previous years. However, in 2022, the accent wall displays a bold and unique impression that makes it different from previous years. At first glance, the presence of an accent wall in your home does seem normal. However, who would have thought that actually this accent wall really helps to be your alternative idea. Especially, when you run out of ideas to find the most suitable paint color for the interior walls of your home. Instead of being too dizzy with the choice of wall paint colors, let’s take a peek at eight recommendations for accent wall trends in 2022 that will make your days cheerful.

8 Recommended The Accent Wall Trends in 2022 That Will Make Your Days Cheerful:

1.The Accent Wall Trends in 2022 : Black Accent Wall

Famous cause its neutral color that is much-loved, black become the first choice of accent wall that you can try. Whether you install half or a full wall, this black accent wall is still suitable as an accent wall trend in 2022.

The black color itself has a dense and strong nature. This color is suitable for you to combine with modern home interiors. This accent wall is very suitable for those of you who like black. You can install this black accent wall on one part of your bedroom wall to make it look attractive. Afther this, on the same wall, you are no longer confused about filling in wall decorations. Just install a few photos or canvas paintings.

2. The Accent Wall Trends in 2022 : Wood Accent Wall

As is known, wood has a neutral, warm and traditional nature. However, at times, wood can also appear to be a contemporary design. The presence of a wooden accent wall will help the interior of your home look warmer and more comfortable.

Depending on your wishes, you can play and choose a wood accent wall model according to the pattern, color and texture of the wood. This is where your creativity will be tested. Between creativity and desire must be commensurate so that it will produce a maximum wooden wall interior to look at. The accent wall trend of 2022 also introduces a variety of unusual wood accent walls.

For the placement, you can put a wooden accent wall in any room you warmly design, such as a bedroom, living room and garden or atrium at home. If you put it in the kitchen and dining room, it can also be because the average dining utensils or furniture is made of wood.

3. Trend Colorful Geometric Accent Walls

For those of you who like to combine various colors, you should try the colorful geometric accent wall trend. A colorful geometric accent wall can be a focal point in your home or workspace. Of course, with a touch of various colors can add to the joy of your days. On the other hand, lately the trend of geometric patterns is very busy, both applied to the walls of the house and the walls of the workspace.

You can apply several color choices that are trending in 2022 and next year on your colorful geometric accent wall. For example, green, blue, purple or red. The geometric pattern that you apply depends on your wishes, whether you want your room to look big or look small. If you want your room to look large, of course you can choose a large geometric pattern and vice versa.

4. Trend irror Accent Wall

In order to create a luxurious and spacious impression, you need to try this one accent wall recommendation, namely a mirror accent wall. Mirrors make the room look spacious because the presence of a mirror makes the image of the room reflect and appear to be doubled from the room. A mirror accent wall can help a small house or room, because the room will appear twice as large as it actually is. In addition, a mirror that reflects light makes your room or home still look bright during the day or night.

This mirror wall accent is actually a trend of all time because it is suitable for any time. Especially at this time which is the season for taking pictures or selfies, you can be helped to prepare your appearance every time. Even before leaving for work, you can make sure you are ready from the top of your head to your shoes. This mirror accent wall is suitable for you to place in the living room, terrace or bedroom area.

5. Trend Tiled Accent Walls

Tiles are no longer just on the floor, now you can install tiles as an accent wall in your home. One of the accent wall trends in 2022 that seems quirky and unique is the tile accent wall. There are many large tiles with various motifs, shapes and patterns. You just have to adjust the tiles to your wishes and personality.

The advantage of having this tile accent wall is that you don’t need expensive maintenance costs. Just wipe with a damp cloth every week or when your tile accent wall is dusty. The budget you need to prepare depends on the size of the wall you will install the tiles on and the price of the tiles you choose, it can be very expensive or very cheap.

6. Trend Brick Accent Wall

Looking neutral is a fun choice when you are stuck in the idea of ​​​​designing the interior walls of the house. A brick accent wall is the answer as well as a solution for the interior walls of your home. It didn’t take much thought to create this brick accent wall. You can simply use fake bricks that look very much like the real thing. Typically, these fake bricks cost anywhere from $10 to $50 per square foot, depending on where you live and depending on the thickness and size of the bricks.

The presence of this brick accent wall creates a contemporary and industrial atmosphere in your home. This is also one of the timeless accent wall models that you can combine with various kinds of furniture.

Those are some recommendations for the 2022 accent wall trend that you can apply in your home so that you can make your days cheerful. Of course, the thing that can make a person happy is when he returns to being himself. Therefore, no matter how good your accent wall is, make sure it fits your personality.