Grain Bin Home Design which Comfortable and Eco-green Friendly

Today’s home options seem expensive in terms of price and maintenance. With a little imagination and skill, people in the United States have modified a grain bin into a decent and comfortable house for a dwelling. Not just a fantasy, the design of the house from the grain bin can now become a reality for you and your family’s shelter. Then you will have grain bin home that unsual than others.
Many grain bins are no longer used in the countryside because farmers already have other places to store their corn, hay and grain. This has resulted in many abandoned grain bins and consequently the volume of community waste has increased.
This grain bin home is indirectly an alternative to deal with piles of unused wheat trash cans. In addition, you also have many advantages, including being able to have more insight into homes that are very unusual for people.
Generally, houses are made of bricks only, but this time you have a house made of unused materials. You will have a new experience when you set foot in the house that not everyone has. Sounds interesting right? Then, without a lot of great ways, you directly become an environmentally friendly citizen. The personal advantage that you need to underline is that it saves the price of bricks that you should pay when building a house.

If You Are Interested, Here Are The Steps to Build a House from The Grain Bin:

1. Find The Right Grain Bin

The word right here is more descriptive of the shape of the grain bin can that you will make your home. Of course, the grain bin you are looking for must have an intact condition. Next, just imagine if the grain bin that you found would be located on a plot of land and have a path in front of it. With this picture, at least you can determine how the shape of the grain bin is suitable for your home.
If you already have the right view of the grain bin, it means you are one step ahead. However, if you’re still looking, sometimes you also need to move it. Depending on the size of the grain bins you get, some you can move in a flatbed truck. As for the others, you may need to dismantle and rebuild on your vacant land.

2. Prepare Everything Carefully Before Discussing the Interior

After owning and placing a grain bin, now is the time for you to think about some important things before discussing the interior of the house. For example, installing water and electricity lines. Installing both is a challenge in itself. Therefore, if you cannot do this yourself, it is better if you call a technician to do it properly. Make sure all, both water and electricity are installed securely.
The best solution for installing electricity for a grain bin by digging a grain bin is to use polyethylene tubing instead of copper. This will help the pipe not to freeze easily. It is very important that you pay attention to this part so that the building remains safe from lightning strikes.
If there is a water flow problem, you can turn it over to a licensed plumber and electrical contractor. Apart from the law, you really need this to create a comfortable wheat bin for your family.
After everything is in order, you just have to prepare a way to isolate your residence. Install the roof thoroughly and ensure there are no leaks on the top and right and left sides.

3. Entering the Interior Area

When all the important parts in the house are installed, it’s time to start testing your creativity and skills and your family to decorate this grain bin home. The first step, you need to divide the room in the house. At least, there is one bedroom, one bathroom, one living room and one kitchen.
You can invite the whole family to have a discussion about this. It could be that ideas collected from many minds will produce maximum creations. Children will also feel proud when their voices are heard.

Some Recommendation Interior Decoration For Your Grain Bin House :

A. Put a Window in Your Home

With windows, it allows the sun’s rays to warm the layered concrete floor of your grain bin in winter. In addition, of course you need good air circulation for your home. You don’t need a lot, just 4-6 windows or two windows on each floor if you need.

B. Have All Steel Furniture

You can continue the steel material from your wheat trash can as a home interior. You can fill all-steel furniture in the house. By taking the steel theme, you don’t have to bother thinking about the right collaboration for steel because all materials will also match and match the neutral steel material.

C. Decorate Furniture With Wood

Not inferior to houses in general, you can also create this grain bin home as you like. Without thinking, you can fill the rooms with elegant wooden furniture in the interior of the house. Yellow, orange and brown colors are ready to be combined with a row of wood materials. Later, no one will have thought that when the outside of your house looks stiff, but the inside will look friendly and comfortable.

4. Don’t Forget the Exterior of the Grain Bin Home

Finally, after everything is safe, from the core to the interior of the house, don’t forget the exterior of your house. The exterior of your grain bin will be the first sight for guests and neighbors who pass by.
To be more simple, you start making a path in front of the entrance to the house where the wheat trash can. The existence of this path will beautify the appearance of the front of your house. After you, you and your family can create your own unique ideas by planting plants in front of your house. Some medicinal plants can also be a recommendation for you. In addition to beautifying the location of the house, this will also be useful for daily health.

In the future, this grain bin home can be used as a reference to build a family house or your other relatives. In addition to looking at it from an economical and environmentally friendly perspective, this kind of residence is a great way for you to try to design your dream home according to the wishes of each family member.