Headbed Trend Prediction 2022, You Can Choose On of Them

The bedroom is the most comfortable room in the house. All the facilities in the bedroom seem to complement one another. Especially the bed. Starting from the position of the bed, the shape of the headbed and the decoration of the bed you need to pay attention to. Even though it looks trivial, it doesn’t hurt you to take a peek at the headboard trend in 2022.
Since the pandemic hit, home has become the safest place for everyone. Everyone does not feel like they can spend all day at home. Even play, work and school can now be done at home. And all activities will be more comfortable if done in the bedroom.
Evidently, the comfort of the bedroom is a priority in 2022. As a result, everyone needs to design a bedroom and a bed that is so comfortable for them to live in.
No less important, a comfortable headboard also helps you to decorate your bedroom while adding to the comfort of your bed. The head of the bed is intended so that the pillow that supports the head at the end does not fall. In addition, the comfortable headbed can be made as a backrest.

7 Headboard Trends in 2022 You Must Know:

1. Headboard Trend 2022 : Installing Wallpaper

At the beginning, if you are bored with the view of the headbed’s place that is just like that, you can try installing wallpaper in your room.
Installing this wallpaper is the simplest alternative to decorate your bed. Although simple, the wallpaper gives a pleasant appearance to your room decor. One of the wallpaper recommendations that make you comfortable is a green wallpaper with a picture of leaves. The green color of the leaves depicts freshness and serenity, making you more comfortable to linger in the bedroom.

2. Headboard Trend 2022: Installing Favorite Stickers

Stickers become a simple choosen headboard after wallpaper. You can put your favorite sticker in the room. Just imagine if you could stare at your favorite sticker every day.
For example, if you like spiderman, you can put black and red spiderman stickers. While lying down, you can look at it to add to the mood when you are tired or bored. No need to open your phone or laptop to see his appearance everyday.

3. Headboard Trend 2022 : Installing Natural Stone

A cool and comfortable room is everyone’s dream. Despite the heat, the bedroom space must remain cool. Create a cool and cozy atmosphere in your room with the trend of natural stone headbed.
The natural stone that you install can vary, you can install a lot or only vertically. Choose a neutral natural stone color, such as light gray, dark gray, metallic black or brown. It is even more suitable if you combine the color of the bedcover and the atmosphere of the room with the natural stone.

4. Headboard Trend 2022 : Beautiful Room Decorating Shelf

Functioning as a headrest, the headbed can also be a multifunctional place. By making a beautiful shelf at the head of your bed, later you can put a lot of things in your room. Even close to your sleeping position. You di not should to get up from your bed to take the things you need.
For those of you who like to study and read, filling the shelves with books or magazines is a fun choice. Reading while lying down is fun. Then, as a place for you to keep a secret box, pigora is also an interesting idea.
As for the shape of the beautiful shelf, you can adjust it according to your wishes and needs. Do you want a beautiful shelf in the form of a square or a semi-circle shape.

5. Headboard Trend: Medium Sized Wood Cut Model

Along with the rise of transitional home interior styles, you can try a medium-sized wooden headbed. You simply take approximately three medium sized pieces of wood that are mounted horizontally. If the color of the wood fades, you can also paint it to make it look luxurious and aesthetic.
This wood cut model is actually suitable for any home style because it looks neutral and fits well with any color. Reading a book or playing on a cellphone by leaning on the head of the headbed, this wood cut model looks comfortable and attractive. If you also want to paste your activity list card there, it can also be a daily reminder.

6. Headboard Trend: Install a Mirror

The mirror is one of the unique choices for the head of your bed. The existence of a mirror can make a room look more spacious. As a result, the mirror is suitable for your small room.
In addition, insecond mirror with reflection. You can reflect on yourself when you wake up and before going to bed. Reflecting after waking up is also a fun thing for women.
You can apply a large vertical mirror with a wooden edge painted black. However, if you want a large mirror, the horizontal shape is also not a problem. Choose your comfortable mirror shape.

7. Headboard Trend: Install Tumblr Lights

Usually when sleeping, a person needs a room that is not too bright. Light conditions can make it difficult for you to sleep. However, complete darkness will also make difficult for you to see anything if you wake up in the night. The middle way, you can install a tumblr lamp as the head of your bed.
Tumblr lights that are installed in your bedroom as well as decorations for your room to make it look more aesthetic. For the installation model, you can hang it from above until it falls to your mattress.

Increasingly, the choice of facilities provides something that makes us more private and comfortable. Because, prioritizing ourselves is more important so that later we can prioritize other interests.
With enough quality sleep accompanied by a comfortable headbed, you can improve your health and wake up refreshed. There’s nothing wrong with following the headbed trend in 2022. From a style and economy perspective, the headbed style is not extravagant but has many benefits. Indirectly you have invested long term for yourself.