Luxurious Home Acreage You Can’t Miss

Do you have an acreage  in your house? If so, don’t waste the land. Moreover, the acreage of this house is one of the attractions of other people in your home. You don’t need a lot of complicated ideas to make an acreage. Even with a simple idea, you can create your own version of a luxury home acreage design. Of course, in addition to guests or other people, the presence of a luxurious home acreage makes the residents of the house more comfortable living at home.
The acreage of the house is usually located on the side or back of the house. There you can also make it a place for family gatherings or just a place for self-refreshing. Since the pandemic, home has become the safest place for us to rest and win minds. Not infrequently work is also done at home.

Here’s the Inspiration of a Luxury Home Acreage for you:

1. Luxury Home Acreage Inspiration: Family Gathering Location

In the spacious back area of ​​the house, you don’t need to be confused about building anything. You just need to look for garden landscape design references as well as a place to relax for the family.
You need to decorate this garden area with the surrounding garden. Then, you need to buy a table and lounge chairs made of wood to sit with your family. Pillow accessories or lamps can also be added to add the impression of a luxurious home yard.
By having a place like this, your acreage is suitable as a gathering place for family or close friends on a regular basis.

2. Luxury Home Acreage Inspiration: Garden and Fish Pond

If you are still confused about creating a luxurious home acreage, the idea of ​​​​a fish pond makes it easy for you to answer. A circular fish pond with a bridge above it with a garden that complements it gives a comfortable and beautiful impression. Your garden should at least have green grass.
If you like gardening, this garden is at the same time your exploration of plants. Combine tropical plants with ornamental plants in matching colors. In addition, you can also plant medicinal plants on the sidelines of ornamental plants so that your garden is more meaningful.

3. Inspiration of a Luxurious Home Acreage: Swimming Pool and Garden

Once again, the presence of a garden is indeed suitable for home garden ideas. This time, garden and swimming pool ideas can be your choice of luxury home yard ideas.
Swimming pools that are highly recommended for yards include rectangular shapes. However, you also need to consider who will wear it so that it fits the size.
Paint your swimming pool tiles and pool edges with gray and white colors that represent luxury. In addition, a smooth wooden deck or pool handrail is also necessary for safety.
On the other hand, your garden is located next to a swimming pool decorated with ornamental plants and grass. Freshness, coolness and luxury will be felt in your acreage.

4. Luxury Home Acreage Inspiration: Large Open Area

If you want to have a large open area, your acreage can be the location. Simply by planting grass in the open area, add plants or trees around it. Leave the middle area empty and only filled with grass.
This wide open area is suitable for you and your family to enjoy relaxing. Gathering with friends or holding an outdoor event is no less interesting. You only need to bring a barbecue tool for the evening.
Those of you who have a hobby of archery are facilitated by this area. For babies and toddlers, you can take them camping in this large area and invite them to play as much as they want.

5. Luxury Home Acreage Inspiration: Playground Park

For those of you who have a hobby of playing in the park, now you no longer need to go far to the complex park, kindergarten or playground. You can make your own playground in your home by filling the acreage.
Of course, your playground contains green grass and some play equipments. For example, swings, slides, seesaws, and others.
Apart from you, babies to adults will also be happy to enjoy this playground. In order to become a luxurious home acreage, you can plant lilies that look white and charming.

6. Luxury Home Acreage Inspiration: Luxurious Lounge

Nowadays, a luxurious relaxing room is a mainstay to fill the acreage of the house. Creating a luxurious relaxing space in your home can be used to entertain guests or gather with family.
Different from a family gathering location, this relaxing space is equipped with a pergola to cover you from the hot sun. Later, your relaxing room will be more similar to the conditions of a contemporary cafe. However, you can use it personally and anytime.
Garden lighting also supports the design of your yard. Furthermore, a small garden with vines also needs to accompany this relaxing space. At night, this luxurious lounge will look elegantly decorating the exterior of the house.

7. Luxury Home Acreage Inspiration: Minimalist Garden

You do not need to worry if u have a small acreage or the size of the yard that is not wide. Because, the acreage of a luxury house is not only for big houses.
Design your home acreage into a minimalist garden. In order to create a spacious garden condition, you should plant grass and plants around the garden. Then, as a luxurious look, your garden needs views of the rocks and concrete walkways.

Yep, the acreage of the house can be a very fun object, right? Besides being fun, you also need to get a luxurious impression by adding a few items as mentioned above. Don’t let the vacant land in your house be neglected and pollute the view of the house.