Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas For Your Comfort

When you want to swim freely without time restrictions, not hot during the day and still maintain health, the indoor swimming pool ideas is the solution.

Here are the Advantages When You Have Indoor Swimming Pool in House :

1. Guaranteed Health and Freshness

When swimming, it is often used as a sport. However, of course, everyone wants to be healthier and fresher after every swim. However, it is unfortunate that in public swimming pools, cleanliness and health cannot be guaranteed. Instead, we are worried about illness after swimming.
By having a swimming pool in your own house, especially indoors, you can guarantee and maintain the cleanliness and health of your family. Swimming can be a fun and healthy sport.

2. Free to Swim Anytime

If you and your family swim in a public swimming pool, of course there are certain times that you must obey. The swimming pool is usually open in the morning until the afternoon, while at that time you are working. On the other hand, on weekends, public swimming pools are crowded and full.
The advantage of having a swimming pool in the house, you can have unlimited time to swim. Anytime, even midnight you can swim. You can also invite relatives and friends to swim together. Plus if you have small children or toddlers, the indoor pool makes them comfortable and free.

3. Avoid the Heat or Sunlight

Having an indoor swimming pool will certainly keep you away from the heat or the sunlight. In the dry season or summer, the idea of ​​an indoor swimming pool can be a consideration. Swimming in the afternoon or evening, your skin does not have to worry about turning black.

If You Are Interested to Try, There are Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas For You:

1. Indoor Elongated Swimming Pool

Some schools sometimes practice this swimming pool design. You can realize the elongated swimming pool in this room in your home. The elongated design is a model other than the usual box model.
To make it look more spacious, don’t let you design a ladder above an indoor swimming pool. Because, with the appearance of the stairs, the pool does not feel empty. The addition of a large window near the indoor pool is also nice. But make sure the sunlight that enters through the window does not cause excessive light or heat like outdoors.

2. Swimming Pool in the Bedroom

Want to try having an indoor pool in the bedroom? Can try. Usually the trend nowadays is to have a large bath up in the bedroom. However, if you want a swimming pool you can too. Homestays in Malaysia have proven this by making the swimming pool facing the bed and bordered by a curtain.
If you want to try it, you can start to find a suitable design for the interior of your room. Is it a rustic interior style, a Hampton interior style, a transitional interior style, or something else. That way, you can decorate the tiles on the walls of your swimming pool in line with the bedroom design.

3. Glass-walled Indoor Swimming Pool

The idea of ​​an indoor elongated swimming pool is worth a try. After that, it’s even better if you attach a large glass that becomes the wall of the swimming pool. That way, you can also mirror while swimming. The presence of this large glass also adds to the aesthetics of your swimming pool, right?

4. Indoor Pool Basement House

Basement is usually just a place to park the vehicle. However, another idea to display the function of the basement by making the swimming pool in the basement. Indeed, if you want to have a swimming pool in the basement, your house should consist of at least 2-3 floors.
The swimming pool area in the basement is of course closed and comfortable for you. Not only a swimming pool, the basement can also be used as a real basement to vehicles. However, you need to insulate between the swimming pool and the vehicle parking lot with glass doors. Face the glass door in both directions. One facing the front yard of your house and one facing the parking lot of your vehicle. If you want your swimming to be more closed, you can add a curtain. Whenever you want to just look at the yard, you just need to close the curtain facing the vehicle parking lot.

5. Dedicated Indoor Pool

Having a big house should not be wasted. A big house should have a well-functioning room. For example, having a private gym room, private workspace, and a private swimming pool as well. Each of these rooms is of course applied in one different room.
If you want to make a private swimming pool, it would be nice if the swimming pool is in a closed room. As a result, the location of the swimming pool is like a closed room and has a door to enter it.
Because this swimming pool is in a closed room, don’t forget to pay attention to the details of the swimming pool. Starting from the shape of the swimming pool and decorations in the pool room. You can apply an elongated swimming pool. Then, you can add lounge chairs and tables for you or your family to sit after swimming. On the other hand, so that your swimming pool is not boring, add a large glass door that overlooks the garden or atrium of your house. It is hoped that every swimming, water and nature unite to refresh yourself every time.

That’s the idea of ​​an indoor swimming pool that you can practice in your home. Guaranteed, your house will be fresher and also crowded because many people can swim there at any time.
It will indeed spend a lot of money to make a fun indoor swimming pool. However, making a beautiful, comfortable and fun indoor swimming pool as an investment for you and your family. Think harder before making it, you can communicate with the interior design to choose a style at the first and adjust the right budget.