Hampton Decorating Style Elements You Need To Know

When you hear the Hampton-style decor, you immediately think of whitewashed houses on the beach. Having a Hampton decorating style seems to take you on vacation every time.
It must be admitted that the beach is indeed one of the most choosen vacation locations for many people. The soft sand of the beach, the waves crashing against the rocks or the calming feel away from urban New York.
Hampton’s style is inspired by homes on the waterfront of Long Island, New York sounds like a lot of fun.
Holiday atmosphere is very necessary, especially in this day and age, where every day people work with limited holiday time. Having a Hampton decorating style home is an investment to save you from stress. Then, the aesthetic value of the Hampton decorating style house is also a consideration for those of you who love aesthetic models. Showing a relaxed beach style but still on the principle of elegance. If you are interested in trying to decorate a house in the Hampton style, you need to remember some elements or what must be in it.

Know the Elements and Characteristics of Hampton Decorating Style:

1. Hampton Decorating Style: Nautical Touch

A nautical touch is a must in a Hampton style home. The slightest nautical touch that you give really helps the perfection of the decoration. For example, you display shells that are usually stranded on the beach, that alone adds value to your home.
While on vacation to a real beach, you can buy some souvenirs for you to display at home. Usually around the beach selling goods made from coconut tree fiber. You also need to display a good beach painting in the living room. Meanwhile, if you have a garden behind your house, don’t forget to buy a hammock so that when you relax, you feel like you’re on the beach.

2. Hampton Decorating Style: Pure White Color

White is a neutral, clean and bright color. With a touch of white, your room will turn into a calm place.
Just imagine if you can apply a stylish house in the middle of the city. Among existing homes, the Hampton decorating style can be one of the center of attention because of the characteristic muted white color that stands out. On the other hand, white color gives a clean and bright impression to your home.
You can apply white paint to all rooms. Starting from the living room, family room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom or even the bathroom. The white Hampton style bathroom is no less interesting, you know.

3. Hampton Decorating Style: Add Navy Blue

Because the Hampton decorating style carries a beachside theme, it is very appropriate if you add a touch of white to your your home decor style. Navy blue to be exact. No need to worry, the pure white color that you have chosen is perfect to be combined with any color. Even white and navy blue can be a harmonious combination.
Another thing with the white color, the blue color describes the state of the sea water. You can apply the blue color to your room or bedroom wallpaper, sofa or paint your walls.

4. Hampton Decorating Style: Choose Materials From Wood

Choosing wood as part of a Hampton decorating style is the right choice. The smooth wood material will add a cool and relaxing scene. Tables in the living room, tables and chairs in the dining room and wardrobes made of wood can be combined with your white and navy blue.
In addition to see from an aesthetic point of view, wood materials have long-lasting benefits. Compared to other materials, wood is durable and strong.

5. Hampton Decorating Style: Add Plants To Your Home

Plants add freshness to your home. Although describing a beach location, Hampton decorating style doesn’t just come with coconut trees. You can grow any plant in your home. But you should be able to plant plants that are also useful so that apart from decoration and aesthetics, the benefits of plants also appear.

6. Hampton Decorating Style: Bring a Relaxing Place to Your Home

By holding the principle of relaxing, your home will feel more comfortable. After colors and plants, now you need to bring a relaxing space in your home. Relaxing space, where you can enjoy your time without thinking too much about it.
This relaxing place is diverse. Starting from applications in narrow locations to wide locations. When you only have a narrow location or no more than 50 square meters, at least you have a relaxing terrace. Equipped with chairs and tables to sit back and relax, drinking coffee in the morning or evening is a pleasant choice.
If you have a large area, you can create an atrium in the middle of your house by filling a small garden. Later, you can use this small garden to gather with your family. On another idea, you can also place a relaxing room behind the house by designing a swimming pool or a fish pond garden.

7. Hampton Decorating Style: Bring Big Pieces

Hampton decorating style is unmitigated, you need to add large pieces in it. The large window size is one of the keys. Windows can be everywhere. Not only in front of the house, the window can also be in your bedroom upstairs or your kitchen so that it is connected to the view behind the house.
Large pillows are also an interesting idea. Choose a large pillow that can be placed in the living room of your home. With a navy blue accent or a picture of a beach, it supports the Hampton decorating style.
To be honest, the Hampton’s decor doesn’t have a complicated style either, but reflects an airy and elegant style.

Hampton decorating style doesn’t need to be complicated, it’s focused on the seven elements above, at least your home will be a comfortable and quiet home. The Hampton’s décor style house is the perfect place to stay after a long day at work as well as a gathering place for the family.