Home Atrium Design Ideas To Keep Home Residents Healthy

Health seems to be a priority after the pandemic hit. Sometimes, those of you who always have to do activities at home have demands to also stay healthy. On the other hand, some modern houses, duplex houses for example, do not have much space to become a backyard garden. If that’s how you feel, you need to look for home atrium design ideas so that you stay healthy at home.
The atrium is descended from the Roman model. However, over time, you can find this atrium in large buildings, such as malls, offices or hotel lobbies. Even so, it is possible you can also make an atrium in your own home.
Like the heart in the body, the atrium is the heart in the house. With an atrium, your home will get more sunlight and ceiling light.
The modern atrium is applied to homes with modern or contemporary styles. You yourself can put the atrium where you want in the house. No longer as the heart that will be in the middle, you can design the atrium of the house in the living room, family room, kitchen, or even the dining room.

Of course there are several advantages that you get when you have a home atrium design idea, including:

1. Make the Atrium of the House a Hangout Place

You just need to add a few chairs and a table. Chatting casually with the cool air and sunlight accompanied by a cup of coffee sounds exciting. You no longer need to leave the house to just hang out with your friends, even if you invite your friends to come to your house. Providing coffee or sachet drinks at home becomes more fun because you already have a personal cafe.

2. Planting Trees or Plants Inside the House

If you don’t have enough space for gardening in the area of ​​the house, you can insert a home atrium design in the house. Later, this tree or garden can be illuminated by light through your atrium glass. For those of you who like gardening, you can use this area to grow your favorite plants. Gardening can also help relieve stress, right?

3. Atrium As Home Decoration

In addition to function, having a home atrium is also an aesthetic in itself. The reason is, your home will look more cheerful with sunlight, with open space. The room will become more spacious and without limit.

These Are Home Atrium Design Ideas To Keep Occupants Healthy:

1. Design the Middle Atrium of the House With Unique Tiles

The atrium of the house which is located in the middle of the house is one of the mainstay designs. You can fill this atrium space by creating a garden in the middle of the house. One tree or several plants surrounded by natural stone make your home more fresh and healthy.
In addition to this atrium garden space, you need to decorate it with unique and attractive tiles. For example, tiles with pastel colors, tiles with stone motifs, tiles with transition models. That way, the atrium garden in the middle of this house is also a spot for your home that should be visited by guests.

2. Home Atrium Design in the Living Room

The atrium installed in the living room has its own advantages. The reason is, the living room is the first room that you or guests will meet when entering the house.
The presence of an atrium in the living room gives a comfortable and spacious impression for the first look of your home. No less fun, you can add ornamental plants to make your living room cooler. Sunlight that falls right on your plants will be a beautiful sight every day.

3. Home Atrium Design in the Back Room of the House

Having a house that is not spacious doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy home. The atrium of the house in the back room is the best solution. You can leave a little space to design the atrium of the house. Don’t worry, you can design this atrium flexibly in the kitchen, dining room or small garden in the house.
The atrium behind this house, although later there will be only a little space, at least you can place chairs and tables to relax. For those of you who like solitude, the atrium in the back room of the house is perfect for recharge your strength or looking for life inspiration.

4. Small Atrium Design in The Bedroom or Office

Having a large bedroom or office is a blessing. You can be grateful for it by maximizing every tile in the room. One of them is by making a small atrium in your bedroom or office.
You can design the small atrium by making it look like a large aquarium. Filling a medium sized tree or just grass doesn’t matter. This combination will create a sense of health, comfort and feel at home living in the house or office.

5. Home Atrium Design on the Stairs

Usually almost every house has a staircase which is one of the mainstay spots in addition to being a liaison between the lower floor and the upper floor. Stairs with various or varied railings add to the style of your home model. If you have it and want to add to the uniqueness of the location of your stairs, you can design an atrium on the stairs. The atrium at the location of the stairs is also the answer when there is no more space in your home that can be the location of the atrium. Because, the size of the house that is not wide but requires us to have a lot of space is also an obstacle.

Having an atrium in your home seems to be the answer to have a healthy home without a lot of space. You can design your own home atrium according to your wishes and your family’s. Taking into account the health, aesthetic and comfort aspects, you can try a home atrium design.

Not only in large houses, even an atrium can be designed in today’s modern homes. If you are still unsure about the location of your atrium, don’t hesitate to consult the interior design. Surely they will give you some of the best options for creating an atrium in your home.